Employment Needs Assessment (ENA)

Our Employment Needs Assessment (ENA) is used to identify what an individual needs to work on in order to find and keep meaningful employment.  Our ENA will determine the candidate’s readiness for employment.  It will determine whether the candidate is either ‘job ready’ or ‘not-job ready’.  We meet with the candidate in a one to one session, and take the time to ensure that an accurate assessment is made.  A ‘job ready’ client has the resources and ability to find and keep satisfactory work on his/her own and as such significant support on the part of a second party is minimal.  A ‘not-job ready’ client on the other hand requires additional interventions beyond his/her own resources in order to find and maintain meaningful employment. In general, ‘not-job ready’ clients are referred to internal or external agency resources so that more assistance can be provided in getting the client into the labour market or in accessing non-job supports if they are necessary.

The ENA explores a candidates Job Search Skills, Career Decision Making Skills, Employment Maintenance, and possible Skill Enhancement Requirements.