Company Profile

It is our belief that rehabilitation truly measures its success by how well it reintegrates clients into their own community as productive members of society, despite physical, functional, or cognitive limitations.   As such, our early intervention programs focus efforts toward achieving this measure.

Rehabilitation programs are designed to be client centered, goal-oriented, and focused completely on the unique needs of each individual.  We combine real life and professional experiences with sound rehabilitation counselling practices and the unique personal, medical and vocational characteristics of each client, for unparalleled return to work and functioning results.  Our services are delivered to our clients in the world where they work, live and play.

Our Service Benefits:

  • Guaranteed accessibility and quick response times (within 24 hours)
  • Call to client within 2 days of referral
  • Appointment booked within 1 week of contact with client
  • Quality reports provided within 14 business days of first/final visit and monthly
  • Cost efficient, flexible and customized solutions
  • Excellent communication with regular file updates/discussions
  • Experienced and credentialed Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals

Our goals in providing service to clients:

  • To improve and maintain overall quality of life
  • To achieve the highest possible level of independence and reintegration for each client at home, school, work and throughout the community
  • To build on strengths and newly acquired skills to maintain and enhance progress
  • To collaborate with other members of a client ’s care team to enhance best outcomes
  • To operate professionally, ethically, and responsibly at all times having the clients best interest at the forefront of all decisions

Commitment to Service Excellence:

Full Scope Community Rehabilitation Services is committed to standards of excellence.  In meeting these standards we continuously:

  • Demonstrate continuous improvement and meet benchmarks of excellence
  • Make ongoing staff training and professional development a priority
  • Abide by all provincial and federal guidelines set to ensure the quality of rehabilitation supports
  • Ensure programs are cost effective
  • Being the best we can be in the provision of service to our clients
  • Create a caring workplace that fosters teamwork and personal and professional growth